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God : it is through life that we are convinced of his existence
"Think of life, how it bursts forth, how it flows, how it quenches the thirst of the universe and all its creatures, how it moves through you. By means of this sensation, this way of understanding life, you will truly enter into relationship with God, your Creator, your Father. Until then you can only have conceptions of him that are false, because they are superficial. Search for God within you, in this life he gave to you. Do not be satisfied with what others have said about his existence or non-existence. Otherwise you will spend your time weighing the pros and cons, asking yourself questions. One day you will believe, another day you will doubt… and in this way you achieve nothing. Discover the life that springs forth and flows within you, and you will no longer ask questions about the existence of God. "

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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