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Work with thought : gives form to subtle matter
"You pray and meditate, but do you really know what it means to work with thought? Within us and around us is a subtle but inchoate matter, a matter which has not yet taken form. Our thoughts have power over this matter, and we are therefore meant to take it up like a kind of modelling clay and, by working on it, to become creators in the world of beauty, harmony and light. What the human being fashions or constructs on the physical level is important, of course, but his psychic creations are infinitely more important. It is on these creations, which are living entities, that heaven will judge him. Most human beings do not have mastery over their thoughts, and they populate space with harmful entities which go everywhere spreading discord and chaos. Disciples, on the other hand, conscious of the powers of thought, try to create only entities that bring peace and light to the entire world."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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