Daily Meditation: Monday, May 20, 2024

Veil of Isis - lifting it to pierce the mysteries of nature

The expression ‘lifting the veil of Isis’ is an image. The ‘veil of Isis’ is the mystery of living nature that we have not yet unravelled.* And by ‘nature’, we must also include human beings, for human beings too are shrouded in veils. This is why it is so difficult for human beings to know themselves and each other. True knowledge requires that we rise to the sublime regions of the spirit. Only when we cease to see ourselves and others through the distorting lens of our opaque bodies – for our astral and mental bodies do not possess true clairvoyance any more than our physical body – shall we at last be able to see the true immensity, light and splendour of human beings on the sublime planes. All the hierophants of the past shared the same teaching with their disciples, revealing that a human being is a reflection of nature, and both are veiled. Buried beneath the layers of matter dwells a spirit, a spark, an indescribable, omniscient, all-powerful being, God himself. To those who, through asceticism, prayer and sacrifice, are able to obey the demands of the spirit, Isis will reveal herself without her veils.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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