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Daily Meditation: Friday, May 24, 2024
God - by cutting our ties with Him, we lose light and vitality
"Once upon a time, a man who wanted to be rich made a pact with the devil. ‘Very well’ said the devil, ‘I will bring you money, but you must give me something in return.’ ‘What would that be?’ asked the man. ‘Every time I bring you money, you must give me one hair of your head!’ replied the devil.* ‘Oh, that’s nothing,’ said the man with relief. Yes, one hair is nothing, but it was not long before he became bald, and this changed many aspects of his life. His fiancée deserted him, saying that he looked ridiculous. In his misery he began to drink and to do all kinds of crazy things, until his friends too deserted him. Then one cold wintry day he went out without a hat, caught cold and died.
Of course, this is just a funny story, but this is how a good many people reason: ‘What do I have to lose by cutting my ties with the Lord and satisfying all my whims? Nothing will happen!’ Well, unfortunately, something does happen. Every day these people lose a few tiny particles of light and vitality, and as this loss is felt by their family and at work, their whole life gradually changes for the worse."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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