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Daily Meditation Thursday, April 24, 2014
Sexual experiences - can only disappoint adolescents who have them too soon
"Many young boys and girls feel disappointed after having had certain sexual experiences and regret them afterwards. I have had so many confide in me about this! Up until then they felt light, happy, whereas now something heavy has crept in, and they are ill at ease, ashamed even. Their expression is not as clear as it was, and this is what they say: ‘I didn’t know it was like that… If I had known!...’
Most adolescents do not suspect what awaits them when they throw themselves prematurely and casually into certain experiences. Besides, at that point they are not interested in knowing. They are curious about having these experiences, because others have had them; they think doing so will give them pleasure – which isn’t even always the case. And then they also discover that pleasure is not necessarily happiness, and they don’t know why they are feeling dissatisfied, feeling they have lost something very precious. When they understand that they have made a mistake, it’s not much use, as it has come too late. So, who is going to warn them? And will they be listened to? If only the adolescents could at least draw a lesson for the future from this disappointing experience."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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