The Importance of Light
read by Omraam in English!

"Seek light: it is the mind which seeks, and it seeks light, and in finding it, you will see everything."

— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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In this Newsletter, we are featuring items on the theme of Light.

On a rare trip to Hawaii in 1979, Omraam gave a lecture in English that is now available in a CD/booklet format, titled The Importance of Light. Listening to Omraam’s voice while following along in the booklet is a unique and rich experience. Here are some highlights (pardon the pun):

“Light possesses powers: incalculable, unimaginable, unheard-of powers.”

“Humans must learn to nourish themselves with light, which is more important than air. And why must we nourish ourselves with light? To nourish the brain. The brain wants to eat too, and its food is light.”

“Humans remain in ignorance of celestial things, they don’t understand divine things, they don’t see clearly, because they haven’t nourished their brains with light.”

“The day a person is touched by celestial light, he will feel the grandeur, the immensity of the divine spirit which works throughout the universe.”

“The Sun is the best representation of God in the visible world, for in the invisible world, God has other manifestations.”

“To find the truth, you must go and address the Sun. You must address the Sun for everything, and it informs and answers you. If you ask the Sun a question, it will give you reality.”

“God has deposited in us seeds, which are potential qualities and virtues. If you expose yourself to the Sun’s rays in the morning, very early, every day, these seeds will begin to grow and give grass and flowers and trees and fruits. You will become a flowering garden, full of the most succulent fruits, symbolically speaking.”

“The Sun’s rays are tiny trucks filled with provisions which we must take and eat and drink to feast ourselves.”

“Everything is in the Sun: our health, our happiness, our wealth.”

“It is at the sunrise that the rays send the best influences for health, lucidity, clarity, for everything.”

“We have other reasons for which we go to the sunrise. We have an entire Sun yoga which I have named Surya Yoga.” (see The Splendour of Tiphareth – The Yoga of the Sun)

“No one has ever taught us of the importance of light and the luminous rays which we must emanate from within ourselves.”

“Why are there so many diseases these days? Because there is no light within, in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of human beings.”

“When will people be in good health? Once they have light. What does this mean? This means: when you have a magnificent aura.”

“Light will chase away everything that is unpleasant and harmful and negative.”

“The entire universe is bathed in an invisible light, and in order to be able to be penetrated by it you must be pure and transparent, like a crystal.”

“It is only the purity of the heart which permits the light to come through and gives the possibility of seeing God everywhere.”

“Have a heart as pure as crystal,
a mind as luminous as the Sun,
a soul as vast as the universe,
and a spirit as powerful as God
and one with God.”

“If you imitated the Sun you would enlighten all whom you meet, you would warm frozen hearts, and you would almost vivify cadavers.”

“The secret, the key, is in light. But how to have it, what the methods are, is another story. You can read everything about it in my books.”

Also on the theme of Light:

Toward a Solar Civilization – “It is high time to restore the Sun to its rightful place ahead of every other consideration, for it is the Sun that is the cause of everything. If you do this, the situation will improve, first of all in your own minds and subsequently throughout society. Everything will go better.”

Light Is a Living Spirit – In this little book Omraam invites us to explore the spiritual potential of light, to understand that it can protect and nourish us, that it can enlighten us about man, Nature, and God, and above all, that it is the only truly effective means available with which to transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Splendour of Tiphareth – The Yoga of the Sun – “When we focus our attention on the Sun, the center of our universe, we draw closer to our own center, our higher self, the sun within: we melt into it and begin to resemble it more and more.”

The Philosopher's Stone (in the Gospels and in Alchemy) – “Try, therefore, to develop a taste for working with the light, not only sunlight but also that invisible light that permeates the whole of creation, for light alone is capable of re-establishing order within us, of making all our cells vibrate in harmony, and of restoring our health. It may not be the quickest, but its effects are permanent. For at least a few minutes each day, think only of the light and nothing else.

A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science (Part 2) – “Jesus made it clear that it was possible for the physical body to be transformed into light. Such a transfiguration is possible for all those who succeed in purifying and sublimating their physical body.”

Walk While You Have the Light – “Keep walking the path of light. And what will be at the end of the path? You will find out when you arrive, and you will be dazzled.”

Other audio lectures by Omraam in English (CDs with booklets): The Sunbeam Collection

Have a Light day!

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