Omraam’s Teaching Is Going Viral

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“A sage is someone who is aware of the curve in the road and who endeavors to make use of everything.”

— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The world has never been more ready for the Teaching to go viral! We are seeing the first stages of this. Can you feel it?

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More and more people are testing positive for the presence of an urge to study, embody, and share the perennial wisdom of the Teaching that Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov expressed so well.
There is no natural immunity to the Teaching, because its DNA is already embedded in every soul. What activates the symptoms of the Teaching (Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Purity, and other Virtues) is heart-to-heart contact. Removal of masks also helps. Isolation only tends to heighten the ability to perceive and appreciate the Teaching.

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The full unabridged paperback book The Powers of Thought, plus a 63-minute audiobook CD of the main chapters, professionally read by Joseph Moscolo and mixed with Bulgarian sacred songs.

"Each one of you has the possibility of becoming a benefactor of mankind. By projecting your thoughts into the farthest reaches of space, you can send out messages of light to help, comfort, enlighten, and heal others. He who undertakes this work knowingly and deliberately, gradually penetrates into the mysterious arcana of divine creation."

Additional Encouragement from Omraam:

“The difficulties and obstacles placed on our path are meant to strengthen us, not to destroy us. But it is up to us to win the support of this life force by learning to work with it. Every day life presents us with problems to solve, and we must try to do so by finding answers within. Learn to see each hardship as an exercise, a problem to be solved. The strength, faith, and love you will feel growing in you each time you succeed will be like diplomas granted by life itself.”

May you enjoy wellsprings of eternal joy in the midst of these pivotal times.

Aaron Rose, Executive Director

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