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Daily Meditation: Monday, November 29, 2021
Teaching, the - when properly applied, it harmonizes your whole life
"Someone comes and complains to me, saying, ‘I put the Teaching into practice; I am careful to follow your advice, and yet I still feel unbalanced, tense, verging on madness.’ I reply to them, ‘Well, to me, this is proof that you are mistaken in saying that you are carefully following the Teaching. You are probably giving free rein to something harmful within you, such as pride, your unbridled imagination or exaggeration in some form. Perhaps you are forcing things by wanting to see great spiritual results too quickly. None of this is consistent with the Teaching. So, do not blame the Teaching – it is you who are not going about it the right way.’
The Teaching is designed to help people find their equilibrium, to make them strong and happy, not to throw them off balance. If you are experiencing difficulties, you must look within you to see which laws you have transgressed. When the Teaching is properly understood and applied correctly, it can only harmonize your whole life. "

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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