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Selected meditation: Friday, April 18, 2014
Think, feel and act - this order is the condition for success in every undertaking
"Imagine someone rushing headlong into action without first having studied the project they want to carry out, with the inevitable result that they come up against obstacles. They are then unhappy and complain about it, and it’s not until they have had a good moan that they finally think about why they failed. It is obviously a bit late; they should have thought about it first. But we can at least hope that their failure will encourage them to do better next time.
Think, feel and act: that is the order that should preside at every undertaking. That is how the wise proceed: they begin by reflecting, by considering all the elements involved in carrying out the work or resolving the problem at hand; then they introduce feeling, in other words, a liking, an interest, a love for the task they wish to carry out. Finally, they decide to set to work to put their plan into action, and they do not abandon it along the way. So, we can say that what the wise first conceive of in their mind they reinforce and give life to with their feelings and finally put into action thanks to an unfailing will."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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